Esoteric Caning: Heavy and light canes, war clubs, batons and hammers @ GLLA

INDIANAPOLIS – Master Konrad will be presenting this year.

Esoteric Caning: Heavy and light canes, war clubs, batons and hammers

While deceptively simple in appearance, canes, rods, switches, batons and other inflexible and semi-flexible striking tools have a vast range of uses with a precision and wide range of sensation which cannot easily be duplicated by other tools. Indeed, the term “cane” covers a much larger range of striking tools than is commonly thought.  Many striking tools which fit into this category are also often viewed as traditional primitive hand weapons and construction tools, such as mallets, heavy hammers, war clubs escrima sticks, maces, batons, patu, rudis, etc., and the aura associated with such weapons, as well as their ability to deliver focused force, meakes them excellent SM tools. Of course, while many of these tools can be regarded as more extreme tools capable of delivering a high degree of pain sensation, they also can be used to deliver surprisingly light and precise sensations as well as pressure point activations, abrasions and muscle leverages. This class will use martial arts, sports science and eastern and western physiology as the foundation and will move on to body mechanics for swing development, proper targeting, the various sorts of blows, the tools which can be used to deliver them and the unique properties and care of those various tools. Class will end with a section on more esoteric uses for the cane, including pressure point activation and leverage based pain compliance techniques