Equality Illinois PAC endorses 51 candidates throughout Illinois

CHICAGO — The Equality Illinois PAC (EI PAC) is endorsing 51 candidates, including Susana Mendoza for Illinois State Comptroller and state legislative candidates, in the general election on November 8, 2016, the statewide LGBT political action committee announced Wednesday.

“Throughout her career, Susana Mendoza has stood with LGBT Illinoisans,” said Nicole Bashor, Chair of the Equality Illinois PAC. “As a state legislator, she supported LGBT-inclusive non-discrimination protections in 2005 and civil unions in 2010. We are proud to endorse Mendoza for Illinois State Comptroller.”

In state legislative races, the EI PAC endorsed 11 candidates for the Illinois Senate (including 8 incumbents) and 35 candidates for the Illinois House of Representatives (including 24 incumbents). The endorsed incumbent legislators have stood with the LGBT community as the struggle for fair and equal treatment continued beyond the fight for marriage equality.

“Elections matter, and the proof is in our progress,” said Michael Ziri, Director of Public Policy at Equality Illinois. “From protecting LGBT youth from discredited and dangerous conversion therapy to ensuring respect for the funeral wishes of transgender Illinoisans, we are making progress thanks to our pro-equality supporters in the Illinois General Assembly. We have more to do, and we must not falter now.”

“The opponents of LGBT equality and inclusion are determined to stop progress towards full equality,” said Brian C. Johnson, CEO of Equality Illinois. “We must be vigilant in our work to secure and defend our hard-fought victories and values. Electorally, we must elect those candidates who stand with LGBT Illinoisans.”

Read the full endorsement list at The Illinois Eagle.