Editor’s Note: Time to Play

I did have other ideas for this column. Which is late. It should have run last Thursday. But one of the perks of owing the site is I can post it later if I need too. But instead of a piece of the state of the community or what we should be doing, I felt a need to have fun. You know, the reason we get into this stuff.

Editor's NoteIn the past few months, I’ve started to settle into my age and being a switch. Now, there is stuff I still love to bottom for. Tie me up with anything you want. (Except duct tape. I like my body hair.) I will happily wiggle with a hard dick. Fair warning, I might try to dry hump anything that comes close enough. I’ve done it, even with my hands tied behind my back. But you don’t even have to do anything after tying me up. Feel free to put me on display while you do other stuff. I’ll have a huge smile on my face. Oh, did I mention I’m an exhibitionist as well?

Totally love public settings. Bondage, pup play, good old fashioned sex, or just plain nudity. Totally good as long as I can be sure I won’t get arrested. Also, I’m quite happy to watch. Live is always better than recorded. I might insist on boots at times because, well, have you seen the floors of some play spaces? Ew.

And I do love a good thuddy flogging. With a good build up, I can ride that like a pro. Arching back, grunting, moaning “yes, Sir.”

But like I said, I’ve been enjoying the other side lately. My beard is thick these days and showing some gray. Which, when it brings twentysomethings hitting on you, is a very good thing. I’ve gotten to enjoy when my beard gets nuzzled and someone whispers “Daddy” or “Sir.”

I’ve also discovered the joys of fisting. I have very little urge to get fisted, but being able to make a guy quiver and shake with moving just a single finger, really nice little rush. True, the rest of my hand is in there, but when you’ve made a guy speak in tongues, you don’t worry too much about the smaller details. And the fascination with asses continues as the temptation to use the paddles here in the house gets stronger and stronger. Especially a heavy rubber one that fits just right in my hand. (I am accepting volunteers to help me in dealing with that temptation. Just sayin’.) And don’t get me started on eating a nice furry ass or this will go on for pages.

And I don’t want to leave out the stuff that I can give and receive. Like cigars. Feeling ash being ground into my skin. Feeding or being fed smoke. Some cigar spit in a boy’s face. Rubbing it in with a leather-gloved hand. Tasting cigar smoke in a beard or mustache.

Leather fucks are good either way. Holding on to a bottom’s harness as I pull him back on my cock, hearing him beg for it. Or my face in the mattress as I feel a guy’s leather chaps on my ass as he thrusts. Grunting and sweating as we go at it. Letting a bit of the animal take over.

This is what I like to focus on with leather and kink. The endorphin high of getting tied up or flogged. The rush of power as I hold a boy close while my hand works down the back of his pants. A guy swinging on my dick or putting his weight on top of me while I lift my legs. The slap of bodies as they fuck. The look on a boy’s face as I enter him. The smell and the feel of cigars and leather as I sweat and grunt. This is what brought me in and still excites me. I need to play and the playground is open.

Ruff Wray is the publisher and founder of Great Lakes Den. He lives in Chicago with his husband Jeff. He can be contacted at editor@greatlakesden.net.