Editorial: The Chicago Den Endorses Obama for President

If you hadn’t already guessed, this year’s election is an important one. I usually don’t bring politics onto the Den, but for this election I’m making an exception.

President Barrack Obama is the best choice in this election. Much of this, admittedly, is for his support of gay rights. Even though a good portion of our coverage and readership is straight, our shared interests in kink and sexual exploration make us all natural allies. Obama has already done more and spoken out more for the gay, lesbian and trans communities than any other president. He is the first President to vocally support marriage equality. And that alone would be enough to earn the support of the gay community and its allies. Even if you don’t want to get married yourself, everyone should have it as a choice, even if they don’t take it.

But even with out the civil rights issues, Obama is the best choice. Mitt Romney and his campaign has consistently and blatantly liked on policies, and that only when they remained stable. He has no interest in supporting the middle class or small business. Or even medium-sized businesses for that matter. He wants to undo the best chance for a workable healthcare system, privatize government functions that no corporation has any business touching and bring this country back to the mentality of the 1950s. We’ve moved beyond that and need to look forward.

But since I’m largely preaching to the choir, I want you all to do one thing. Vote. Even if you’re in states that are solidly behind Obama like Illinois and Michigan or red states like Indiana, Kentucky, or Indiana. There is more than just the presidential election and every vote counts no matter what race you vote on. And it is even more important in the swing states of Iowa, Wisconsin and Ohio. Obama is leading in those states but they’re still in play. Every single vote counts.

This is the time. This is the most important election since 2000. We’re at a crossroads and we must act on our choices. Vote on November 6.

Pup Ruff
Publisher, The Chicago Den