Eddie Walton picked as Mr. Northwoods 2017

The contestants for this year’s Mr. Northwoods. Eddie Walton (center) won. (Photo courtesy of the Argonauts)

HILBERT, Wisc. — Friday night at the Northwoods Campout 43.5, Eddie Walton of St. Louis won the title of Mr. Northwoods 2017.

This is his second time winning the title. When ask why he ran again, Eddie stated that when he won the title back in 2015, he was too busy with school, work, and club duties. “Now I can do everything I wished I had the time for the first time,” he said. Even being as busy as he was, he did some charitable fundraising but wasn’t able to compete for IML. That will be different this time around, and knowing Eddie he will be a force to be reckoned with.

Eddie was born in Michigan and he attended Michigan Technology University. He also lived in South Bend, Indiana before moving to the St. Louis in 2010 where he earned his MBA from St. Louis University. Eddie is a full member of Blue Max and is also the vice-president for the Mid America Conference of Clubs.

Kenneth Kuisak won first runner-up. Ken is from Minneapolis and is a full member and vice-president of the Atons. Thomas Bean also competed. Thomas is from St. Louis and is an auxiliary member of Blue Max

Mr. Northwoods is the title for the Argonauts of Wisconsin and anyone attended the full campout (run) may compete for the title. The title is 29 years old, making it the oldest title in the state. The Argonauts couldn’t be any more proud that Eddie won the title.