The Eagle Rises Again in Chicago


Eagle Rises 2

CHICAGO – The Chicago Eagle was legendary among the country’s leather bars. So many people were saddened when it closed in 2008 to allow for the expansion of the Man’s Country bathhouse next door. However, for one night only, the Chicago Eagle will open again with the Eagle Rises Party on Dec. 13.

Miguel Torres and Luis Tipantasig

Miguel Torres and Luis Tipantasig

The party is a fundraiser for the Leather Archives & Museum and is being organized by Mr. Chicago Leather 2014 Miguel Torres and his MCL classmate Luis Tipantasig. The idea for the party started by a short conversation at a small local party.

“It came up at a birthday party,” Luis said. “A friend asked me what I wanted to do for community service and I said I wanted to throw a party at the Chicago Eagle.” It turned out that friend happened to know Ron, the manager of Man’s Country, and Chuck Renslow, owner of Man’s Country, the Eagle and IML. Renslow and company were excited at the idea and it was decided that the LA&M would be the recipient of any money raised.

While it has taken a lot of work, the party has come together pretty well. “Some things have just fallen into place,” said Miguel. “A lot of people have been excited about it and have given their support.”

“Mr. Renslow and Man’s Country have been extremely helpful and passionate about it,” Luis added. “One of the two biggest things was that we were bringing back big part of history back to life for a new generation of leathermen and still doing community service.”

Word of mouth has been building about the party with people coming in from around the region. “The community is definitely excited,” Miguel said. “Some of them had very good experiences in this place. And some people are excited that they finally get to set foot in this place.”

Selecting the LA&M was an easy decision for both men. “They’re going through a big restoration project and working on expanding the museum,” said Luis. Miguel wanted to give back to an institution that had supported him through out his year as Mr. Chicago Leather.

The party will start at 10 with an open bar, music by DJ Steve Henderson. Steve has also handled music at Jackhammer, Mr. International Rubber and Cleveland Leather Awareness Weekend. Leslie Anderson, International Ms. Bootblack 1997 and a former Eagle bootblack, will be bootblacking that night. Demos will also be done throughout the night on the stage of the old music room. While they wouldn’t give too many details, “we’ve planned it so people will be very much entertained,” according to Miguel.

The open bar only goes to 2 a.m. But as for the party… “until the last person leaves,” Luis stated.

Tickets are still available at the Eagle Rises website. Advance tickets are $50 and you can buy at the door for $60. Along with the open bar and all-night demos, attendees will also receive a day pass to the LA&M and men will receive a lifetime membership at Man’s Country.