DVN – Den Video News


The lastest news, interviews and event reports from the Chicago Den. Check back on a regular basis to see the latest videos covering Chicago and the Midwest!


DVN Friends

Videos from supporters and friends of the Chicago Den. We have videos from our own Aaron Laxton, Chicago sex educator Sunny Megatron and the Leather Archives & Museum. Check back often to see new addition!


DVN Classic

DVN Classic is where we put videos that we’ve had on our hard drive for a few years, since before 2009 when the Chicago Den went on a long-term hiatus. We’re sorting them in the order that they came out to allow people to get a glimpse at past events that may not have been covered as well as they could have been.
Because of how quickly technology has changed, and the limits of the Den’s pocketbook, the quality of some of the videos is less than you might expect. But it’s still a resource for those wanting to look into our recent history.
Enjoy the trip down memory lane!