D/s Orientations w/ Sarah Sloane, Sat., Feb. 9

GD2 LogoCHICAGO – GD2 is excited to host nationally known presenter Sarah Sloane for a class she has created just for us!

When many people start their journey in S&M, the first question they hear is “What are you?” This discussion isn’t just geared towards helping you figure this out – this educational event is all about defining the many different words we use for D/s orientations. Do you wonder what the difference is between bottom and submissive? Do you see nuance between the roles of Owner and Master? Are you trying to figure out if the label slave or property suits you better? If so, join us for a presentation all about the descriptions of labels.

During this discussion, Sarah will work with the attendees to come up with working definitions for the characterizations of tops, dominants, masters, owners, bottoms, submissives, slaves, property, and everything and everyone in between. This is an interactive class, so put on your thinking caps, bring your opinions, and join us for an evening of definitions!

About Sarah Sloane

Sarah Sloane is: (a) A respected educator on topics ranging from basic to gourmet sexuality, including the range of alternative sexual expression. (b) A Chicago resident, and manager of The Pleasure Chest, as well as a board member at LRA (c) A rabid consumer of cigars and producer of hand-knit garments. (d) The possessor of a horribly dry sense of humor, with occasional gusts of loquacious flirtation. (e) All of the above


What’s in a Name? D/s Orientations Presented by Sarah Sloane

Saturday, February 9, 2013 6:00 p.m. – 7:45 p.m.

Galleria Domain Two ( GD2 ) Chicago, Illinois www.galleriadomain.org

RSVP preferred but not required RSVP to info@galleriadomain.org Open to All 18+ w/ID FREE


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