Drummer North America Founding Announced at ABW

Master Brandon announces the founding of Drummer North America during the ABW contest in Chicago while staff hold the new banner. (Photo by Tom Wray)

Master Brandon announces the founding of Drummer North America during the ABW contest in Chicago while staff hold the new banner. (Photo by Tom Wray)

CHICAGO – Master Mike Zuhl and Master Brandon Matheson announced at American Brotherhood Weekend the founding of the Drummer North America contests.

Master Mike told the applauding crowd that the inaugural event will be held at the Flamingo Resort in St. Petersburg, Fla. during President’s Day Weekend 2015. It will have three contests during the weekend: Drummer, Drummer boy and Drummer Bootblack. It is open to any bio- or trans gay male in the fetish and kink communities. Master Mike specified on stage that the event was open to all gay males and to all fetishes, including rubber, leather and gear, in Canada, the U.S. and Mexico.

DSCF4083“In the spirit of our community’s history, the DNA titles will celebrate the range of fetish and kink identities of gay men. It will be fun and exciting to watch contestants as they celebrate rubber, leather, sports kit, military, and more — and to see who the judges pick as the first DNA titleholders,” said Matheson in a press release handed out at ABW.

“DNA weekend will rekindle the Drummer tradition of self-identified masculinity. The weekend is a celebration of gay masculinity, whether it is expressed in leather or sports gear or fetishes, at a joyful family reunion where history is honored and diversity respected,” said Master Mike in the same release.

According to the release, the contests will follow a regional structure, but the first DNA weekend will be an “open contest,” any qualifying contestants are welcome without a pre-qualifying regional title. Contestant applications will be available on November 1 at www.DrummerNA.com, which went live on Saturday.

As part of the announcement, Mike and Brandon told the audience that Rik Newton-Treadway of Baltimore will be the executive producer of the weekend and contests. Rik is a co-founder of International Community Bootblack and a founding board member of International LeatherSir/boy. He has also produced the Mid-Atlantic LeatherSIR/Leatherboy, Mid-Atlantic Leather Woman and the Mid-Atlantic Community Bootblack contests. More details on the staff and regional producers will be release in the following weeks.

For the weekend itself, DNA has confirmed a poolside Cigar & Brandy social on Thursday evening; an educational series on Friday and Saturday; the official Meet & Greet party on Friday night; contests on Saturday; and a DNA pool party and  ‘Tea Party’ on Sunday.

The release also announced that DNA will include a educational series that will focus on interactive instructional play sessions that are designed for both beginners and long-time kinksters. The instructional workshops will be part of a new educational initiative that the founders will announce in the weeks leading up to the weekend.