DNA in the DARK: Beasts Unleashed, June 9

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — DNA calls all beasts to gather for the annual summer party celebrating and showing the fierce and fun animal in all of us. Come strip down, get sweaty and horned up and support some really great organizations that serve our community. The wet jockey contest will return, there will be all new baskets to bid on, and of course, as always, we will have some unexpected nastiness to surprise you with. The men of Missouri Valley DNA have to keep it fresh and keep the nasty side of you all satisfied!

In that spirit, we will be adding a new crowd participation activity, The Kink Olympics. Although this is not specifically a kink party, it IS the main mission of Drummer North America. We will have some hot men introducing the competitors to three mild but no less stimulating events: flogging/paddling, clothes pins, and violet wand. Specifics and prize package will be announced soon.

Also new this time is the opening of a rooftop patio at Missie B’s (in the final planning stages at this time). The hot, sweaty, barely clothed men aspect is the reason we started DNA IN THE DARK. We always knew the way to increase the horny factor ten fold was to be able to get wild outdoors in the hot June breezes and under the stars. Barring any unforeseen challenges, it looks like it may be a reality.

Last, with the addition of the patio, we plan to incorporate a cigar social for those who literally like their men smokin’ !!!

Reserved tickets limited to 250 and are transferable, but not refundable. Tickets at the door (if available) will be $15.00 Mandatory dress code is undergear of some sort (jock, briefs, boxers, loin cloths, what the hell ever) and our beloved Sisters of the City of Fountains will be manifesting to serve your clothes check needs.

Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/580303988830492/

Missouri Valley Regional Drummer North America