Deviations needs your help

DETROIT – There was a post today sadly talking about why a new party in the metro Detroit area is forced to end.

The reason is lack of attendance. Typically attendance goes down in the summer months. Everyone is out enjoying the great weather, the lakes and their vacations. What does this mean? The hosts of these parties have to make up any lack of money out of their own pockets to keep them running. No one runs a party to get rich. They do it so people have a place to gather together, socialize and play.

Deviations has weathered the storm for years. It started out as Wicked Detroit, run by Dee and Thom (_Rapture_) before it was taken over by its current hosts. Unless we as a community come together it will disappear as many other parties have.

Master Howard always told me that I was to support Deviations so I do. I’m asking you to support them too.

Please mark your calendars for August 18th. I know there are many other things going on that day but if you can just take a few hours out of your busy schedules to attend I would appreciate it. They have been there for us, providing us with a place to create memories, tons of stories and experiences to share. It’s time we, as a community, are there for them.

Will you be there to support them?