Deviations Is Coming Back!

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DETROIT – Deviations, the party that was the target of a hidden camera investigation by Detroit television station WDIV, is indeed coming back.

The party will be held at Lincoln Park VFW Hall, 1125 Fort St., in Lincoln Park, Michigan. Fetish attire is preferred and NO nudity. The cost is $15 for a single person and $25 for a couple. It is actually part of a day of activities as the Detroit community takes a look at the current situation after the televesion report. RSVP Here for the main party. Here’s what Deviations has planned in their own words:

So, what’s next? This coming Saturday, May 19th, The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF) is pleased to announce a full day’s schedule of events at the VFW in Lincoln Park.
Beginning at 4PM, Leigha Fleming Chairperson of the NCSF will be traveling from Colorado to join us. The NCSF exists specifically for situations similar to those we have experienced this week and can be an invaluable resource to us all when called upon.

This meeting will be an informal “town hall” for all interested parties from 4-6 PM and will be the opportunity to ask questions of Leigha from the NCSF. We will be discussing better ways to work together with each other to further protect the community and to promote education of those outside the community. We hope this will be a chance to answer any questions that have left our community wondering what will come after the events of this past week. RSVP for the Town Hall Here.

From 6-7:30PM, dinner will be available to any who wish to partake. For $10 you will be able to have a steak dinner, served by the VFW Hall. This is a wonderful NY Strip steak, baked potato, dinner roll, and vegetable. We are working on a vegetarian option at present as well. Beverages will be available at additional cost.

Over the past week, the VFW has been more supportive than we could have imagined. The manager of the VFW told us this week “I fought in a war so that people could have the freedom to do what they enjoy, even if they are not our own cup of tea” and told us how much they value and enjoy having us at the hall. If that doesn’t convince us to support them when possible, we’re not sure what can. This portion of the day must be RSVP’d to allow the VFW to properly order the correct numbers of steaks. Will make a link soon or just email the Deviations Profile. RSVP Here for the Dinner.

At 8PM, there will be a Deviations party as previously scheduled. The same furniture, music, atmosphere, and camaraderie you’ve come to expect from. The only difference will be increased security measures in the form of waivers to be signed by all who choose to attend. Deviations will be also incorporating other security measures suggested by the NCSF to help us protect those who join us.

During the afternoon hours, we will be conducting a silent auction and raffles. All proceeds from these will go support the NCSF and their continuing and vigilant efforts to support us and our peers across the country in the name of sexual freedom and expression. Anyone wishing to donate items to auction or raffle, please contact us privately. We thank you in advance for your donations and participation.

This past week has been trying and tense. Several have asked where was the silver lining? We have high hopes that this can be the silver lining. Rarely do we have a chance to come together for no other reason than it’s the right thing to do. Because we can support one another. If virtual strangers from organizations and individuals from all across the globe have lent their words and actions of support, we surely owe it to ourselves to match it.

As if it needs to be said NO Cameras.