Detroit’s Menjos asks for feedback on expanded space

DETROIT — I need some community feedback please !!

Many of you are familiar with the Menjos gay entertainment complex (this is an aerial view), recently we acquired a liquor license for the entire structure which encompasses from left to right the new R&R Saloon, The Olympus theater and of course Menjos.

While Menjos & the R&R are going strong, The middle venue Olympus has always been something of an occasional space that is used here and there.

Over the past couple months we’ve had dozens of our female friends in the community stop in at Menjos to ask if we do any kind of ladies night for our lesbian friends, over the last three years that I have run the complex,we have held a couple of parties for our female friends, but nothing regular per se.

So here’s my question and this is me just throwing it out there and I really do want your feedback, would Detroit like to have a lesbian bar?

Thank you so much for taking a moment to read this and I appreciate any remarks and if you have a friend that might be interested in this topic please just drop their name in the comment section to engage any and all in the conversation.

Detroit’s only gay entertainment complex should be for the ENTIRE community, that’s always been both my dream and hope !!

I look forward to your remarks and thank you again so much.

You can give your feed back at the complex’s Facebook page.