December TCAK munch 12/28/12 reminder!

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. – With only a few days before the new year I am so very excited to see my kinky friends once again! Please come out to SideTraxx to celebrate the coming New Year with the TCAK group in your festive New Years garb! If it includes rhinestones or glitter, you’re striding in the right direction!

After the holidays it’s all about rest, relaxation, and getting to spend time with people who you’re not FORCED to spend time with!

The munch, located at SideTraxx will begin at 5:30pm and last until whenever we want to go home!

SideTraxx address:

520 Franklin Street, Traverse City, MI

Come inside and head to the right, towards the dance floor. I will try to snag the larger table on the other side of the bar, just so we can have more room for rowdy kinksters!

We have not had an issue yet but please buy drinks, whatever it is you wish to drink, as non-alcoholic beverages are available. We want to be paying customers, and support a business that has thrived in such a conservative city. Tip your bar tenders. Just a reminder. You guys have been awesome.

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Traverse City Area Kinkies