December Chicago Rubbermen Newsletter

New Chicago Rubbermen LogoCHICAGO – There will be a bar night this month. December 28th @ 10:30p @ The Cell Block.

CRM Meeting recap We had a meeting 11/21 at Mary’s Attic and we discussed how often we meet and where we meet. The overall thought was they liked having monthly meetings as well as enjoyed the existing 5 venues we use. Another thing is that this upcoming year it was brought up that they wanted to do a bar night with another group, so this upcoming February we are going to have an event with not 1 other group but 2. The calendar for 2014 has been added to our google calendar; and the facebook events for the events will be made only a month before the event to prevent them from getting buried in your event invite list.

The list for your information:

J25 attend Mr Chicago Leather @ Touché FRIDAY

February 21st – CAGE/CRM/CPP bar night @ Cell Block

April 19th @ Mary’s Attic

May – IML – Meet & Greet

June 21st – Pride Bar night @ Jackhammer

July 25-27 – attend Mr Midwest Rubber @ Touché

August 23rd – Anniversary @ Cell Block

September 20th @ Big Chick’s

Oct 31- Nov 2 – attend MIR 

Stay shiny, Rubbermen!

Chicago Rubbermen