Dec 14 – Bound To Learn: Movie Night!

CHICAGO – For discussion, planning, organizing and kibitzing, check out the Bound To Learn Group.

This month’s Bound To Learn:

We will be playing Scott Smith’s video, “Rope Bondage: Precision Persuasion With Rope.” Not only has Scott agreed to let me play his DVD in this public setting, he’s also offered to give us group rates if you decide you want your own copy! The DVD and transcript can be ordered en masse by participants for $25 through Master So’N’So (and is in no way affiliated with Galleria Domain 2).

Q&A session beforehand for newcomers and previous attendees. Movie will begin at 11. With a runtime of 75 minutes, there will be plenty of time afterward for discussion, demonstration and practice.

Watch Master So’N’So struggle not to comment on Scott’s flagrantly non-Japanese and utilitarian style of rope bondage! Eat popcorn! Mock Master So’N’So’s shock and horror and Scott repeatedly uses rope that isn’t made from hemp! Learn things that are actually useful and not just pretty! There may never be a Bound To Learn like this one, folks!

Master So’N’So
Galleria Domain 2
Used with permission