David Payne Chosen as Mr. Missouri Leather 2014

ST. LOUIS – Leather Men and Women from around the United States converged on St. Louis, Missouri this past weekend for the highly anticipated Mr. Missouri Leather Weekend. The convergence on the Arch City was bitter-sweet since it is the last time that Mr. Missouri Leather will be produced by Gateway MC. Have no-fear however, Mr. Missouri Leather, one of the longest-running leather contests in the US will continue.

Former Mr. Missouri Leather 2010, Terry Laupp will assume the helm from Gateway MC as producer.unnamed (1) Laupp and his husband Chad currently produce the Black and Lou Pride Ball which happens each year to benefit Pride St. Louis. The pair also founded and produce St. Louis Balloon Brigade benefitting PAWS (Pets are Wonderful Support) a program with St. Louis Effort for AIDS.
There were tears and plenty of laughter to go around as Emcees Mike Lunter, Mr. Missouri Leather 2009 and Chester Munro, Mr. Chicago 2010 took to the stage. This year the contest was moved to the larger annex portion of the JJ’s Clubhouse Complex (3858 Market, St. Louis Mo).

Two contestants were introduced on Friday evening to those who had ventured out to the meet and greet. Mike P and David Payne would win over the hearts of the judges and all who were in attendance during the weekend. Saturday afternoon ushered in the interviews where judges: Karen Ultra, Brent Heinze, David Rhodes, Randy Wrisinger, Rich Wilson, Ryan Brown and John Metzner really got to know each contestant’s personality.

Saturday evening concluded with a tearful farewell to Gateway MC however it was not before there was the Gateway Guy Contest. The stage was lined with beautiful men who definitely worked up the crowd. Ultimately Chip B. stole the hearts of the judges as well as the audience. All members of Mama’s family gathered for a family photo where it was announced that Chad Carroll was being pinned into the family as “Mama’s Balloon God”.


Both Contestants, Mike P and David Payne, took the stage for one final viewing to strut their stuff. Before the winner would be announced, Mr. Missouri Leather 2013, John Metzner would take the stage one last time in that capacity to give the audience his step-down speech. The time then came, Mike Lunter and Chester worked the crowd up and waved the results of the contest in the air. Both contestants were ushered onto the stage where a hush fell over the crowd in anticipation. The silence was broken when the results were given; the first Runner-up Mike P, your new Mr. Missouri Leather 2014 David Payne.

To each contestants we would say thank you for sharing your journey with us and good luck on your continued journey into leather and in this community.

For More Information on the Contest please visit www.facebook.com/mrmissourileather.