Dark Side of Kink: Wonderland on Jan. 27

DETROIT — Dark Side of Kink will be presenting Wonderland this weekend. Advance ticket sales end today.

From their Fetlife post:

“The trouble with trouble is it starts off as fun”
— so let the fun begin!

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Ticket Price: $35 at the door or $20 purchased in advance
Tickets only available online until Thursday Jan 25 2018

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Dress code:
Kinky Alice In WonderlandTheme Attire Encouraged (street legal outside venue)

Dark Side of Kink invites all community members out to enjoy a night of DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE fun, socialization and PLAY!!!

Just bring your toy bag and an apatite to explore the DARK SIDE OF KINK!!!!

Featured Attractions

Meet & Greet with ice breakers RSVP separate 7 pm – 9 pm

Bottoms Buffet 9 PM – 11 PM Stations:

  • Fire Play – TheMtnLioness
  • Floggers- -Willie-
  • Plastic Wrap – Fetvest
  • Violet Wand – Sir Will
  • Impact – Rooskie69
  • Knives -_Xeno

Equipment Opens For Play at 10:30 PM

Performance 11:30 PM

  • [Blue Crow Talent][#]

Performance 12:30 PM

  • [Blue Crow Talent][#]

Buy Tickets by: CLICKING HERE

Tickets only available online until Thursday Jan 25 2018

Hotel recommendations for this event are below;

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Waterford
4350 Pontiac Lake Rd, Waterford Twp, MI 48328
(248) 674-3434

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The party is from 7 p.m. to 2 a.m. Get your tickets now.