Dark Side of Kink Opens in Waterford, MI

Dark Side of Kink Leather and Fetish Apparel

WATERFORD, Mich. — The Dark Side of Kink started out as a large annual event that was created to cater to everyone in our community, not just small pockets like some of the smaller events, with 480 people attending the first event. In Michigan there are not many places to buy leather or fetish apparel, with some bars hosting pop up retailers or underwear shops. In fact if you Google leather shops in Michigan you will only find one other store currently offering fetish apparel. So Sir Jay, the current GLLA-MI Handler, decided to venture into the retail market, to make fetish apparel available to a community in need of a location to find their leather and fetish needs.

You’ll find all the basic gear you need at Dark Side of Kink including 9 types of harness, custom hoods and kilts, various types of lube, toys, and more. Some of the niche items at Dark Side of Kink will include the Kilted Bros Kiosk where you can be measured, pick out the tartan, and place your order without paying any more than going to the Ohio location to do so. There is a large variety of floggers made from neoprene, leather, rubber, and more. A unique style coming soon is a leather flogger with micro L.E.D. lights woven into the flogger that can be programmed into a light show during a flogging session/demo. They also carry jocks and underwear from the Detroit GT collection. As well as various types of rope for rope play, including one designed for electroplay

Leather and Fetish Apparel is not the only thing you’ll find at the store. There is a large playspace/demo area with different racks from Roping to St Andrews Crosses, Benches to Gyno tables, and so much more. The space is set up for private events and educational events as well. It can be a space for puppy moshes or a weekly naked yoga class.

The Dark Side of Kink is bringing the leather and fetish apparel to Michigan in a way that has been needed for some time.