Cupcake Wars coming back to Chicago

CHICAGO — Cupcake Wars, the annual baking competition between Chicago-area leather/kink clubs will be returning to Touche on April 15.

The competition is hosted by Trident International – Windy City chapter every April. All organizations are invited and there are three ways to win: Judged, Fan Favorite and Raise the Dough (how much money each group raises selling their cupcakes).

The bakers are asked to make two dozen cupcakes and to provide two representative cupcakes – one for the judges and another to be auctioned during the Cupcake Walk. The rest will be cut up for everyone else to sample. Only one recipe is needed at two “perfect” cupcakes for presentation.

Judged cupcakes will be chosen by:

  • Cake flavor
  • Texture and doneness
  • Frosting consistency, flavor and doneness
  • Technical difficulty
  • Overall result
  • Biteability (cake to frosting ratio)
  • Presentation
  • Ease of access
  • Cupcakeness (Does it remind you of a cupcake or has the baker pushed things too far)

For Raise the Dough, all money raised will be going to the Broadway Youth Center. Each group will take one perfect cupcake and do a cupcake walk where it will be auction. And as long as the outfit is bar-legal, the walker can wear whatever they like to help raise money for the kids.

If your organization or club wants to participate, RSVP to You can RSVP for the event itself at the Facebook event.