CUFF’s Fourth Annual Halloween Costume Slosh in Illinois

URBANA — It’s that time of year that the ghost and goblins come out to play. It’s the best time for kinksters to play dress up as well!

Since dress up means shoes… this lady is coming out of retirement to guest host for the month!

I have decided to do it up and pull a private party for you guys. I have talked to the manager and we are shutting the bar down for just us again! For those who haven’t been to one of my private venue parties…. that means kink wear is welcome, games will be played, and prizes will be given out!

Just like last year’s we are encouraging everyone to dress up in a costume and come out for a fun night of drinks and freaks, fetishists and kinksters. Costumes aren’t mandatory. Everyone in costume can enter themselves in the costume contest we will be holding. Kink wear is welcome….I foresee a kinky nurse maybe? lol However, remember a couple things for safety:

1. Pink parts must be covered for health codes. They do have an open kitchen.

2. If your costume includes a weapon, please don’t make it a geal one. We don’t need real guns or knives in a room full of tipsy people bumping into one another.

We will try and start the actual contest time around 9. That’s my fair warning to the early leavers and late comers.

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