Creating a Medical Nightmare at GD2

Chicago TNG – FetLife

Risk and Reward, GD2’s weekend edge play intensive, is quickly approaching, and spots are filling up. If you enjoy pushing yourself, wonder how much you can take or where you personal edge is, then this event is for you!

We have a quick Sneak Peek of one of the classes being offered by well-known national edge player and educator Fifth Angel!

Creating a Medical Nightmare

Ever watch one of those late night horror movies where some serial killer performed medical experiments on the victims? Did you want to be the killer or the victim? We’ll let FifthAngel show you both sides of the nightmare. This will not be one of those “poke needles in the bottom and call it a medical scene” classes. If it is not done in a hospital, it will not be done in this class. What we will be doing is poking tubes and catheters into every hole and orifice possible, along with a few added surprises. If you want power, this is the ultimate way – controlling eating, urination, speech and even sight by means of medical intervention. Welcome to the world of real and invasive medical scening as demonstrated by a guy who does it for a living.

Friday, April 20 – Sunday, April 22
Galleria Domain Two (GD2)
Chicago, Illinois
GD2 Members: $55
Non-Members: $70 (inc trial membership)
Limited to 65 Attendees
Registration Opens Wednesday, March 14 for members
Registration Opens Monday, March 21 for non-members
Registration Closes Wednesday, April 18
Risk and Reward is a fundraiser for GD2’s transition to Locus.