Court refuses injunction in transgender lawsuit against Illinois school district

PALATINE — A federal judge denied a request for a court order to block a transgender student’s use of the girls’ locker room on Tuesday.

The Daily Herald of Arlington Heights reported that federal Judge Jorge Alonso cited the availability of privacy stalls for all students in the locker rooms as a factor in deciding not to allow the injunction.

“This case does not involve the forced or extreme invasions of privacy that the courts addressed in the cases cited by plaintiffs,” Alonso wrote in the decision. “Further, the restrooms at issue here have privacy stalls that can be used by students seeking an additional layer of privacy, and single-use facilities are also available upon request. Given these protections, there is no meaningful risk that a student’s unclothed body need be seen by any other person.”

The injunction was part of a lawsuit by a transgender student, Student A, who first sued the district in 2016. While she has since graduated, the lawsuit is continuing. Other transgender students have since filed their own lawsuits over facilities access at District 211.

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