Consent & Limits Class at Club Ascension- May 15

BELLEVILLE, Mich. — This is the continuation of the New 2 Kink Class. Those who may not have attended the first are still encouraged to come. This class will be a constant with it cycling around. We look forward to seeing you here and helping you ease into the lifestyle.

Getting into Play – Consent and Limits

Consent – Is it really as easy as tea? Then why are there so many complaints about consent violations? Come learn about the traps of different types of consent and how to avoid them.

Limits – You’ve heard people talk about them, what are they? Who sets them? Can they change? Why is it OK for some people to “push limits” and others it’s not?

We’ll answer these and many more questions you may have.

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This class will be taught by Vexie.
Vexie is co-organizer of The Tenth Circle events, co-organizer of Flint Education Munch, organizer of Michigan High Protocol Society, co-organizer of the Kinky Convo Munch, and a BOE education committee member. A veteran of the lifestyle with over 13 years experience in total power exchange relationships.

Club Ascension (formerly Rebels Realm)
11605 Haggerty Rd.,
Belleville, MI 48111
Directions to Club Ascension

Snacks and Soda will be available for sale while you’re there

Monday May 15th

Please let us know you’re coming by RSVPing. To RSVP —>CLICK HERE

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If you have any questions about the class, please email Vexie

Etiquette for this Munch

Must be over 18. If you’re over 100 and still coming to munches, you must be OK with being my hero.

It is OK to go by your screen name only. One does not ask “is that your real name” better to ask “how would you like me to address you”.

This is low protocol, you are not expected to address others as Master or Mistress. (Unless that is apart of your personal relationship, please be discreet in doing so.) Sir and Ma’am are still polite ways to address people you do not know, but better to ask “Sir/Ma’am, how would you like me to address you?”.

If you’re a submissive, you’re not expected to be anything but courteous to anyone, unless you’ve expressly agreed to do so. If you’re a dominant, the only submissive you have a right to expect anything other than courtesy from is YOUR submissive. Don’t expect someone who is not employed by the establishment to fetch you a drink and submissives don’t feel compelled to offer to fetch anyone else a drink, unless you truly want to do so.

Be sure you have consent before touching anyone.

This is not a trolling ground for “fresh meat”. Do not treat it as such.

Do not take pictures or videos of others. You will be banned.

If anyone makes you feel uncomfortable or does something inappropriate, please inform a host right away.