Community Support For Eric and Amber

DETROIT – Detroit’s BDSM community really came through! People came out to Deviations not only to socialize, play and experience the party, but also to support Eric and Amber. Eric and Amber are members of the BDSM community who have been struggling with Amber’s battle with cancer for quite some time now. Last night at the party we had a raffle to help offset the expenses that have come along with this battle. Detroit’s BDSM community has amazed me with their efforts and ability to come together! Many people donated goods, time and money to this worthy cause. I am pleased to report that last night was definitely a success!

Unfortunately after such success last night I do have sadness to report . I spoke with Eric and learned that Amber passed away. Though it is sad that she has passed, she was definitely in the thoughts of all of the wonderful people who attended the party the other night. Eric is grateful for the thoughts, prayers, support and donations. The money that we collected last night will be used towards Amber’s funeral. Thanks to Detroit’s BDSM community, Amber will be able to have the funeral that she wanted.

The operators of the VFW hall have been kind enough to donate the hall for a party on December 1st. On that night we will be having a Deviations party in honor of Amber. All of the money that is raised and donated that night will go to benefit Eric and his family. It will continue to offset expenses related with Amber’s passing and also help ensure that Eric, Amber’s daughters, and their grandchildren are able to have a nice holiday season.

Thank you again to Tim, Lee and Junebug (the owners of Deviations), the staff of Deviations and the staff at the VFW hall. I would also like to thank @_Rapture_, @I-Love-ropebondage, @Diashto, @Seekingbliss, @Slykitten, @SirGaryofAsha, @LdyMegan, @Cindy012365, @Madame_Wiladina, and @Fetvest for contributing items to our raffle. Thank you to @sub_shelly for helping draw the winning tickets. Finally, thank you to Detroit’s BDSM community. You are all truly amazing!

Used with permission