Community Members Needed for Art Project

Erica Brooks WebCHICAGO – Erica Brooks is a Master in the Art of Art Education Student at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Currently, she am working on my thesis for my graduate degree. Her thesis is an exploration, exhibition, and artistic study of personal narratives of POC/QPOC involved in BDSM/ Leather culture.

“I am hoping to follow three participants and get to know them on a personal level while learning about their interest and involvement in the Chicago BDSM community,” she said in an email to the Den. “I will be asking each individual participant about their personal, sexual, emotional, social and gender identity and its relations to their interest, roles, and involvement in BDSM. To do this I am hoping to find individuals interested in sharing part of their story for this exhibition.”

The participants and Erica would spend one to two days a week for eight or more weeks helping both parties (interviewer and participant) gain a greater understanding of BDSM and its relation to all different parts of our identity.

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