Community Comment: Illinois Leather Alliance Weekend

A little backstory about coming to Chicago.  The last time I came to this beautiful city was in late June of 2015, I was traveling for the first time alone as a gay male.  I explored many parts of the city and was ecstatic to find room just three blocks from Boystown! Whoa!!! I ventured in to many of the bars along the strip, but made it a point to avoid the leather bars.  You see, I had explored the leather scene and the pup scene quietly for two years prior to this, but wasn’t quite ready to go into a leather bar alone. I heard things like without leather they’d take your shirt, or god forbid, your pants off! I was not ready to do that!!! You should see me now…lol!

Community Comment is an occasional column written by community members on various topics of living a leather, bear and kink lifestyle.

So back to present day, This past weekend was the Illinois Leather Alliance Contest, held at the Leather Archives Museum. I walked into the Archives and was in pure awe. (Secretly saying to myself, I can’t believe I’m actually here, somewhere in one of the archives, my name is there as a leather man, because of my run for Mr. Liberty 2016) I looked around, my face lit up.  All these people I had seen and spoken to on Facebook were just everywhere!

It was quite exciting to see the level of involvement of this community as they came together for this new contest that was produced by Master Michael and Slave Angie. Michael and Angie accepted the role of producers after the resignation of Master Bear Abbott and Ron Billiman, who co-produced the Illinois titles from 2011 through 2015. I have to say seeing the array of members of the entire community come together in support of this contest was kind of awesome, there were pups and handlers, sirs and boys, masters and slaves, bootblacks, and members of the drag community.

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