Come and Join A Matter Of Choice for 3 fun filled days at BLAK & BLU 2013

BRANSON, Mo. – “Blak & Blu”! Branson’s Premiere BDSM, D/s, M/s, Kink, Lifestyle, Fetish Event!!!!

February 8th through 10th, 2013.

The Ramada Inn is centrally located on the Branson Strip. With a vast array of restaurants, and site seeing oddities.

We have 3 conference rooms on the property in addition to the great reduced rate for the rooms for all participants.

3 Great Fun filled Days of classes, dungeon play, and meet and mingling.
Silent Auction proceeds benefit a non-profit organization of AMOC’s members choice. Live DJ who will rock your socks off on opening night!

Opening Ceremonies start Friday Evening, followed by Dungeon play.
Classes start Saturday and run through Sunday.

Whether you’re a beginner or been in the lifestyle for more years than you’d care to admit too you’ll find something to fit your kink. All skill levels, fetish’s, and kink from novice to advanced are welcome. No matter if your single, swinger, poly, or couple our Meet & Greet period you’ll enjoy thoroughly.

• Reconnect with old friends
• Meet new folks and make connections
• Speak to the BDSM Roundtable class
• Talk to presenters & vendors
• Meet potential future play partners or more

Come…Join Us, be a part of a unique and diverse Lifestyle gathering with people from all over including outside the USA. Come and explore, broaden your own fetish horizons or find your niche’ in this wonderful community. Explore your fetish desire, meet others of like mind, seek, explore and come out with an enlightened and refreshed feeling to take home with you.

We ask that you please take the time to familiarize yourself with the rules. While we do not wish to have to ask anyone to leave, if our hand is forced because rules were not adhered to, sadly that will indeed be the case. So take the time, read over the rules and if you have any questions at all or concerns, please do feel free to contact the Blak and Blu’s host.

In order to attend Blak & Blu, you “must” be registered no later than January 1st, 2013. That is the final date for registration. Avoid being left out and missing this premier event, register soon, don’t miss out!! Walk-in’s will not be permitted. We now accept all major credit cards.

Please register at

Friday February 8th:
Registration Noon – 9 P.M.
Silent Auction starts—-Proceeds go to 2 non-profits which group members choose.
Meet & Greet 6 P.M.- 9 P.M.
Vending 3 P.M. – 9 P.M.
Kinky Karaoke 6 P.M. – 12 A.M
Opening announcements 8 P.M.
Dungeon & Operating Rules 8:30 P.M. Opens for play at 9 P.M. until 2 A.M.

Saturday February 9th:
Registration 8 A.M. – 3 P.M.
Vending 9 A.M. – 9 P.M.
Silent Auction ends at 9 P.M.
Dungeon Play 7 P.M. – 2 A.M.

Sunday February 10th:
Registration 9 A.M. – 12 P.M.
Vending 9 A. M – 4 P.M.
Dungeon Play 12 P.M. – 4 P.M.
Participant Costs:
$25.00 One day entrance.
$50.00 Single entrance for all 3 days
$65.00 Double entrance for all 3 days.
$75.00 Poly (3) person entrance for all 3 days.

These rates do not include the reduced hotel rates or discounted meals at surrounding restaurants.

Ramada Inn
1700 West Highway 76,
Branson, MO 65616
Phone: 1-417-334-1000 Fax: 1-417-334-1173

The Ramada Inn is under new ownership and all rooms have been renovated!

To make your reservation by phone ask for “AMOC’s sponsored event Blak n Blu” rate.
All rooms for this event are $45.00 per night.

This includes:

• Complimentary breakfast buffet for two, 6 AM—10 AM., per room. Charges apply for additional occupancy.
• Smoking & Non-Smoking rooms available
• Ultra Comfortable rooms
• Personal amenities – iron, ironing board, coffee maker, alarm clock, radio, cable tv, hair dryers, some rooms have microwaves.
• Pet Friendly ask about pet rates
• Disability Friendly brail, and wheelchair conveniences
• Convenient parking close to rooms
• Free Wi-Fi
• Express Check In & Out – For this event room check in will be available at noon.
• On premises Laundromat
• On premises Fitness Center
• Multiple safety & security measures
• Over 20 restaurants within a 5 minute drive
• Over 50 stores & novelties shops within a 5 minute drive

Restaurant list!

Applebee’s – next door *
Billy Bob’s Dairy Land – 0.1 mile
Cold Stone Creamery – across street
Cracker Barrel – 1.5 miles
Dick Clarks American Bandstand Grill – on site *
Fuddruckers – across street *
Golden Corral – 1.7 miles
Grand Country Buffet – 0.2 mile
Hong Kong Buffet – 0.3 mile
I HOP – 1.5 miles
Lone Star Steakhouse – 0.5 mile
Olive Garden – 1.5 miles
Outback – 0.2 mile
Panera’s Bread Company – 0.5 mile
Pizza Hut – 0.2 mile
Red Lobster -1.6 miles
Rib Crib – 0.1 mile
Rowdy Beaver – on site *
Ruby Tuesday – 0.4 mile *
Starbucks – 0.1 mile


Taking Vendor Registration & Applications

Diverse Craft Massage & Bodywork by Kit Plummer:
Chair Massage $1.00 per minute

Madame_Wiladina: Adult Clothes for Plus Sizes

Sir Wolf: Author of the Talon Series & Lifestyle Poetry

Event Rules!

Hotel Staff and Public Areas:

• Be respectful and pleasant to the hotel staff.

• Do not enter hotel lobbies in scene clothing that is inappropriate (if you have to ask it’s probably not appropriate).

• Nudity is permitted in the play space. Please be sure to be properly attired when outside the play area. This includes the social areas.

• Do not “play” or test new toys in the parking lots or anywhere in public view.

• Do not tie yourself, anyone else or pets to any hotel fixture such as towel racks, shower curtain rods, closet rods, sprinkler heads, pipes, plumbing, etc. You will be held personally responsible for the ensuing damage.

• All instructions from the DMs must be IMMEDIATELY followed.

• Immediate compliance is mandatory; questions about the DM’s instructions may be referred to the DM’s supervisor.

• The DM Department’s decisions are final. The house safe word is RED. If a safe word is called, play must be stopped immediately.

• DMs will enforce if necessary. If you wish to use gags or other devices that make it difficult to hear the bottom use a safe word, then the bottom must have another way to signal if he/she wants to stop the play.

• Anyone who is intoxicated or otherwise under the influence of any mind altering substances will not be permitted in the play area. Absolutely no intoxicants are permitted within or around the play space. Keep any alcoholic beverage consumption in your hotel rooms.

• No photography, video recording, or sound recording is permitted at this event, unless you have the direct written consent of all the people within the picture.

• Everyone is expected to respect play activities. Do not interfere with any scene without the permission of the players, or touch any equipment that is not your own.
If you wish to watch play, keep a respectful (and safe) distance from the players.

• Penetration of any kind or intercourse (vaginal, anal, or oral) is NOT permitted within the play spaces. To avoid conflicts with local ordinances and state laws, we request you keep any sexual activity, scat or water sports to your rooms. With the exception of scat and water sports we permit all forms of play from mainstream to edge play. All defilement games including blood, wax, food or anything potentially messy requires the use of a plastic drop cloth. Any type of fire play – including the use of hot wax – requires that you have a fire extinguisher next to your play station, and clearance from the head DM. If you cause damage or make any kind of mess you will be expected to clean it up properly or pay to have it repaired or cleaned.

• Fire play is allowed “if” proper flame retardant materials are provided and an extinguisher is present, which has been inspected and the seal unbroken. Use of accelerants (other than isopropyl alcohol) is not allowed. “Fire bullwhips” and “Fire floggers” may not be used in the main play space.

• No smoking is permitted anywhere in the play spaces or social areas.

• Share the equipment, there is a 45 minute time limit for using any particular item. Please ask a DM if you feel someone has had a piece of equipment too long.

• Clean up when you finish. That includes using the Lysol or Clorox wipes before and after play on the equipment. Any extensive blood play is restricted to the Medical area and the area should be sprayed with Cavacide, left to sit for 10 minutes then wiped off. As we have found out, some people have a strong allergic reaction to the Cavacide so checking with surrounding players is advised before using.

• Play equipment is provided by AMOC members and may not be moved.

• Electrical play is to be performed no more than 6 feet from an electrical outlet. All cords must have a ground fault interrupter, taped, lengthwise, using a brightly colored gaffing tape, completely to the floor. Extension cords must be heavy-duty, orange, three-pronged, outdoor cords and must be approved for use by the DM Captain on duty.

• Liability: Neither AMOC, the Directors, Committee Chairpersons, Members, Medical Volunteers nor the Management, Owners, or Operators of the facilities, nor any Agents, Successors or Assigns of any of the foregoing shall be liable to any attendee for injury to person or property incurred as a result of attendance at this event. You will be required to sign a Waiver and Release of Liability, Indemnification and Hold Harmless Agreement prior to your admission to the event.

• I willingly and with full consent and knowledge waive and relinquish any claim, legal or otherwise, that I might make as to the offensive nature of anything I might see or experience while at this event. Should I at any time attempt to make such a claim, I understand and agree that I would do so solely as a means of entrapping and/or soliciting the arrest of others participating.

• Our event rules are designed to ensure everyone’s health, safety, and comfort. Failure to abide by these rules may result in removal from the event without a refund. Thank you for your understanding.

• All participants of this event will be required to sign a release form of liability prior to entering said event.

If you’re not registered YOU DO NOT get in. Walk in’s are not accepted!

Reprinted with permission