Colorful Night of Leather

CHICAGO – Joey Boynton of Chicago kept the Leatherman of Color title in the Windy City and will be taking it to the International Mr. Leather contest next May.

Joey and Doc Hoskins of New York City were the contestants for the contest held during BlackOut X, the tenth annual run for the Men of ONYX club in Chicago. The judges for the contest at Touché were Jeff Willoughby, Mr. Chicago Leather 2004; Paul O’Rourke, Mr. International Deaf Leather 2004; Viola Johnson; Jill Carter; and Goddess Lakshimi, Ms. World Leather 2003. Mr. CellBlock Caliber Leather 2004 George Brown was the Tallymaster and Johann was the judges’ boy.

The contest moved very quickly with only two contestants. Both Joey and Doc wanted to try to speak out on being people of color in leather and BDSM. All of the judges also spoke during the contest.

Jill Carter, the first Ms. World Leather, invited everyone to the next World Leather, to be held in Philadelphia the last weekend in August and which may also include a Mr. World Leather.

Goddess Lakshimi talked about here continuing platform, breast cancer awareness for both men and women. Breast cancer does strike both sexes, but with men having a higher mortality rate because of a lack of awareness that they can suffer from it. She’s already been able to help produce a card for showing how to do a breast self-exam and she is currently working on a new card for men to check for testicular cancer.

Joey got the question of what’s his favorite fetish and why. He said it was wax play because it was the first fetish he ever tried and it stuck with him. Doc said that his biggest inspiration in leather was Mufasa Ali, who was also the producer of the contest.

Jeff Willoughby spoke about his project, the Leather Quilt. Along the lines of the AIDS Quilt, it’s for people to create panels for those individuals or groups who have been an inspiration in the leather community. Each patch is 19 inches by 25 inches and will be attached, with location number, as their done. The designs are up to the people creating the patch. For more information, email