Cold hands and Warm Hearts – Dungeon Party in Louisville

LOUISVILLE — Magic’s World is hosting a play party this weekend in Louisville.

From the Fetlife event:

Bring yourself, bring a friend, bring a flogger or some rope, The fore mentioned date needs your lustful participation. Dress in leather, a nun or come as a furry with lots of hope, I welcome newbies and virgins with kinky imaginations. There may be Star-Belly Sneetches and they promised not to be drunk or on dope. So let’s make merry, without your choice of mind-bending libation.

What do I Do NOW?

1) Click the I’M GOING button.
2) Join our Party notice group -Magic’s World to be first for announcements and information changes.
3) Make sure you read the when, where and how much info.
4) Subscribe to our one or all of out social media

5) Read the past party reviews before asking questions.


Wax and FirePlay (Cupping with Glass) MUST have a DROP cloth ON THE FLOOR wide enough to extend about two feet from the equipment you are working on.


If it’s your first time, let us know when you arrive at the event and we’ll see if we can introduce you around. Additionally, Read the past party reviews before asking questions. A good way get to know people is to Volunteer to help.

Don’t be afraid, don’t make excuses, your fears and concerns are not exclusive. So take a deep breath, extra anti-depressant and make that social anxiety quite obsolescent.


Want to serve, help out, see or be seen?
Volunteer – HERE.

What do I need bring?!:

  • Photo Identification (required) 18 + Dungeon rules.
  • An optional (blow up is ok) open minded friend/partner along if you wish to have the buddy system!
  • Truly awesome people may bring a simple snack to share and Nom.. Nom.. Nom..not required.


Place your ad with your specifics in this group thread.

Are you a Newbie or a beginner with questions of what goes on at a Magic’s World Party? CLICK HERE. Read our previous party reviews and happenings.


If you live in KY,IN or OH and you are looking for a relationship place your personal ad in BDSM KY-IN-OH

Your pleasure and experience may vary, void where prohibited, Local, City and state fun taxes not included. Please enjoy MagicsWorld (SirMagic) parties responsibly. NOTresponsible for any incidental or coincidental lasting trauma from having a good time. Nor any loss resulting from but not limited to acts of god, alien invasion, end of days, Miley Cyrus, multiple orgasms, rope, flogger, Magic’s Fuck Saw, single tails, paddle or other marks.

Date & Time:in 5 days Saturday, January 20, 2018 · 9:00 PM – 2:00 AM  

1605 Nonny Lynn Dr Building B Louisville, KY, 40216   @ map

Cost: $20 at the door 18 +
Dress code: Grandma dress outside… Slut wear (highly encouraged), no wear or whatever you want inside. Birthday suit rentals available upon request for a nominal charge. ☻