ClubFem Indy’s next play party on Feb. 3

INDIANAPOLIS — ClubFem Indy will have its next party on Feb. 3 with a theme of Wine, Cheese & Tease.

From the Fetlife post:

Based on member feedback, we are trying an informal “service” event where play is mixed with service.
Description: male submissives will serve the Female Dominates wine, cheese, crackers, fruit, etc. in fetish attire (thongs, aprons, maid costume, etc. all encouraged!)

A strict 2 drink limit will be enforced. male submissives may also drink (with permission of their Owner, if owned).
Everyone is welcome to participate in the Wine, Cheese and Tease activity. males NOT wearing a pink wristband may only be touched by their Owner or by a Female Dominate they have pre-negotiated with.

males wanting to participate in light play with any of the Dommes during this activity will wear a pink wristband provided by the Club. Wearing the pink wristband means you consent to light play from any Domme. This includes light pinching, light butt smacking (with hand), light humiliation (example: being used as human furniture, required to crawl, writing on your body with tattoo pen, etc.) . Any other form of play will require negotiation and explicit consent. No touching of genitals is allowed during this activity.

Upper Quarters dungeon. Address will be given upon RSVP. Please RSVP to by Thursday the week of the event. Confirmation emails will be sent out no later than Friday night before the party.

Wine, water, soft drinks and light snacks will be provided by ClubFEM. However, if you wish to bring something, you may.
$15 donation per person at the door.

Please see party rules and dress code in discussion “sticky”. If you have never been to ClubFEM Indy, please see the Vetting “sticky” as to how to be vetted.

The Fetlife event is at The party is from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m.