Club Taboo Evansville: Two Years Later

Club Taboo Evansville LogoEVANSVILLE – An update about Club Taboo Evansville December 12 this group was formed by SilentButterfly and me. We are approaching our two year anniversary. Going back in time earlier in the same month December 3 to be exact me help formed the Evansville Event Page with the goal of sharing all the local events on a community calendar.  On December 14 Club Taboo Evansville was featured in an article buy the Great Lakes Den. This formed a relationship that has resulted in several other articles on this group. As I write this article today is the Events calendar two year anniversary. Over time we have evolved the Evansville Events page and recently added a lot of the other community leaders into the page so they can post their own events in real time vs. the old policy of me having to go out and find the events, hoping in the process I didn’t miss any events.

We have had other kink related events added to the calendar such a local brusque show call the Drop Dead Divas a popular show with a mix of many different participants living a variety of lifestyle choices. What happen to Club Taboo Evansville? We are now 416 members strong as of this writing. We still are hosting meet and greets and local parties.

We are still “a TEACHING group which supports kinks, fetishes, and anything considered taboo. We not only believe but practice the belief that should embrace and enjoy their kinks and fetishes, and we welcome with open arms people from different lifestyles. With this in mind there are things which are that are specifically prohibited any activity involving persons under the age of 18, any non-consensual activity, and any activity involving non-humans. This group is dedicated to bring together all people interested in BDSM, Fetish, and other alternative lifestyles. We host numerous high level alternative lifestyle events, parties and meetings. They want to formally invite all of you to join them – straight, gay, lesbian, bi and Trans; Dom, Domme, sub, slave, Top, Switch, bottom, Poly, furies, little’s, and even uncertain. Please come check out the group, meet others and have a great time.”

We still strive to be transparent, DRAMA FREE, and a group of individuals interested in engaging in personal relationships that are based upon conscious exchange of power and authority. Respect will be given as we are all adults. We still strive for safe, consensual, discreet fun. Most of all we are here to make friends and share/learn techniques. Lastly, if you have body parts as your man profile picture you will NOT be deleted from our group. We do ask that you have a profile which is filled out. The reality is bots and fake profiles exist we want to protect the membership from encountering these profiles.

The Evansville Events Page is open to all members of Fetlife and we welcome anyone wanting to post local events or nearby events in your area. Please feel free to join either group, and if you have a twitter account you can follow Club Taboo Evansville @clubtabooevv.

In the coming months I will feature other local groups and speak to the leader of these groups to share insight into what the group is about and the direction the group is going.