Club Taboo Evansville Logo Contest Update

EVANSVILLE, Ind. – I am going to extend the logo submissions till the end of the month. I have been told by several people they need more time and as of today we only have three submissions. So at the end of Feb I will put a page up with the logos and everyone will be able to vote. As a reminder…..

Club Taboo Evansville needs to be in the title. The winning designer will have the design put on all Taboo stuff example shirts…any banners made…etc… Also I will not post who the designer is into after the winner is chosen.  A release will be needed to be given so we can use the design for its intended purpose and there won’t be any issues in the future.

This group since its inception is for the community by the community. I need your help. You are more than welcome to send them to Be as creative as you want and remember let’s have fun and let the creative juices flow….I know we have some talented people out there the logo must have the following:


Thanks for all your hard work.

Arcange1 aka Michael
Club Taboo Evansville