Club Taboo Evansville July Party Midsummer Night This Weekend

EVANSVILLE, Ind. – I am very happy and proud to announce at our next party a Midsummer night, this coming weekend we will have a demonstration of FIRE by none other than HDFXD, Zoeyredbird74, and DeceptivelyNaughty. The demo will start the party off just as previous presenters did last party. I have come to know these three individuals and have respect for them as individuals and a terrific asset to the community. When I came to the community HDFXD and his tattoo warmly welcomed me with a handshake that later turned into hugs. Zoey and Deceptively have always been there to be an open ear, speak their mind if they need to, and wonderful electric massager gloves. I encourage you to come to the party to see the FIRE play that I know everyone curious about.

Not to be outdone for all the sadist out there a second demo will be done that right later in the evening a second this party will be BIG by none other than OWNERMASTER….he is healed, healthy, and at 100%. Burning man maybe around the corner but until then we can see the legend in action. The last time I saw him put his skills to work Gila had some pretty, pretty marks, and it he didn’t even break a sweet I believe that was later found to be at 20%………….LOL

As always please let me know if you’re able to car pool. Reach out to Ownermaster if you’re able to help with setup cleaning and tear down. And I encourage everyone to let us know what your bring food was so we all don’t show up with a bag of chips and cokes…..remember our main rule HAVE FUN!!!!!!! It almost times to get the party started.

Club Taboo Evansville