Club Rush Night and Rubbermen at Touché

CHICAGO – Next Friday we will be hosting a Fall Club Rush Party beginning at 10pm. Chicago’s leather/fetish community is home to several clubs that provide leathermen and leatherwomen fellowship with like minded folks. 

Many of these clubs are social in nature, sponsoring events and volunteering support to LGBT agencies across Chicagoland and nationally.   A few of these clubs also host private events for their members and invited guests to practice their sexual/fetish interests.  Members of these clubs frequently travel out of town to attend events hosted by leather clubs in other cities across the country.

Most of these clubs have been a part of Chicago’s leather community for decades without much hype or fanfare and many of their activities happen beyond a club night at Touché or other local bars.  Hence knowledge of these clubs or how to become involved may remain unknown to interested individuals.

As the home bar of several of these clubs, Touché is proud to host this Fall Club Rush Party on Friday, October 19th.  Members of many of these local clubs will be on hand to provide information about their club and their activities and how a person may become a part of their club.  The goal of this event is to help introduce these clubs to those who may be interested in  becoming a part of the leather/fetish club community. 

Clubs that have confirmed their participation so far include M.A.F.I.A., ONYX, Windy City Boys Troop, Chicago Leather Club, and Trident International Windy City with several other clubs expected to join in.  Admission is free and door prizes will be awarded.  Make new friends and discover new possibilities, join us for this exciting night of brotherhood.

Club activity continues at our GEAR Night next Saturday, October 20th.  The Chicago Rubbermen will be here for a “TRY IT ON” GEAR Night.  They are bringing along all kinds of rubber gear in various sizes and want everyone to to try it on and see how it feels to be wrapped in rubber.  It’s the best way they know to share with you the excitement they feel in their rubber gear.  So don’t just let someone tell you what it’s like, try it on this night and see how it turns you on. 

The following week Halloween takes over Touché and right after that we celebrate our big 35th Anniversary.  Check back at our upcoming events for details on these plans are posted.