Clothes Get in the Way, a performance by Kendall Kelly in Chicago, Nov. 30

Kendall Kelly

CHICAGO – Guys, I’m hosting a performance by Kendall Kelly in my home, the Saturday after Thanksgiving. He is asking for $10 per person. Might be a nice break from family after the holiday! Check out his website at

Clothes Get in the Way is a one man live presentation by artist Kendall Kelly about body history and self acceptance performed mostly in the nude. Kendall uses video, monologue, simple props and costume to express his own body history and explore cultural ideas about body & body image.

The show is a series of short pieces which range from comedic and outrageous to deep and emotional. For the central autobiographical piece, Kendall uses a jump rope as a symbol for many people and things in his life as he moves and jumps through a touching and inspirational story of survival and acceptance.

“Even though most of the show is about me the audience always comes first. I give myself over fully and honestly with a sense of adventure and  playfulness even in the darkest places. The audience should always be engaged and walk away with a sense of contemplation, completion and hope.”

Kendall has been traveling the country since May of this year performing in peoples homes and other alternative venues.

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