Closing a chapter with The Barracks

The BarracksLOUISVILLE — As many Kentuckiana locals may know, one of the most iconic leather establishments in the Louisville area, The Barracks, will be closing its doors soon. Business is a constantly changing creature; buildings are bought, used, and resold depending on the need of the surrounding community.

The Connection, which also hosted the space for The Barracks leather bar, has sold the building to an out-of-town buyer, and it will be razed in order to build a new establishment. While the Connection will be moving to a new location, The Barracks currently has no plans to relocate. This does not mean, however, that those who have been managing the bar will not continue to be major players in the local community.

In order to celebrate the time that The Barracks has been around, as well as celebrating the newly appointed Mr. Kentucky Leather Jody Corbett, The Barracks will be hosting a closing party Saturday, Aug. 6. As with any of their events, there will be delicious drinks abound, beautiful people wearing their leather best, and there may even be a bootblack or two to make sure your leather shines. It may be a sad time, seeing one of the community’s most beloved arenas closing, but that is the nature of the beast.

Kevin Bayless, the current manager of The Barracks and a producer of the Mr. Kentucky Leather Contest, has said that they “…will try to continue to host leather events throughout the community”. When asked about what one could expect at this event if it was their first time coming out to The Barracks, he responded:

“The Louisville leather community is one of the most welcome communities I have ever been a part of. When we get together, we always have a good time. We have amazing bootblacks, rope artists, and a friendly, welcoming environment.”

If you’re just beginning your foray into leather, and are wondering what you may run in to, leather-clad, open arms may be the first thing you see. Kevin offered this advice would be to those who are just starting their leather journey, or want to do more for their community.

“For those looking to explore leather, don’t be afraid to ask questions, or reach out to another local leather person. Each person is different, and it’s up to them on how they want to explore and express their inner leather. And those who want to do more for their local leather community, be sure to patronize your local leather bars and events. There is no better time than now to come together and create a safe, friendly place for leather people to gather”

Come on down and join the last blowout at The Barracks. It may be their last event in the building, but they will continue to be a part of the community days, months, and years to come