CLC Makes IML Plans!

Chicago Leather Club
Reprinted with permission

CHICAGO – Want to meet up with CLC as we celebrate IML this weekend? We’ve got a really full schedule but here’s where we’ll be:

Thurs evening – we’ll be attending Windy City Trident’s IML Meet ‘n Greet at 10pm at Jackhammers.

Friday evening – come say “Hi” to Michael and angie over at the Silent Auction and bid on some great stuff at the Hyatt!

Saturday morning/afternoon – We start off the morning at the traditional IML Breakfast at the Lincoln Restaurant (Irving Pk Rd and Lincoln) from 9.30 to 11.30, then head on over to the IML Vendor Area.

Saturday evening – A quick stop by the IMsL Happy Hour and Dinner over at Daddy O’s pub in the Hyatt at 5.30, then off to the LRA Chicago for the Fetish Ball at 9.00pm

Sunday, we’ll see you all at the contest and find plenty of trouble to get into after!

Welcome to Chicago and have fun at IML!