CLAW!!! Thursday Oct 24 – Single Tails – NEW LOCATION – Touche

CHICAGO – This month’s Chicago Leather Alliance of Women topic will be… Single Tails – what is it about the sound of the whip – the striking of flesh – the wielding of the lash that gets people’s attention? Some people love and crave the single tail – others loathe it.

Join us at 8 p.m. Thursday Oct 24 in the back room of Touche (6412 N. Clark St)  to discuss this and have a demo by our own LashDomme!

Ample meter parking across the street. We will be waiting in the front room so you won’t be walking into the bar not knowing anyone!

Looking forward to seeing everyone – bring boys – if you want – they can wait for us in the front area of the bar while we meet in the back.

CLAW is open to all those living their lives as women – you must be 21 to attend due to the location.

This is the LAST CLAW Meeting for 2013!!!  Come on OUT!!!!!!

Chicago Leather Alliance of Women