CLAW Meets Thursday, Aug. 22

CHICAGO – Sorry for the late update…..

This month CLAW will be a discussion on rituals, prescribed actions, habits in a Master/slave; D/S or S/M relationship or even scene

Some start with a kiss to the boot, other’s a ritual cleansing, some people have prescribed daily actions they must perform for their dominant – are you required or do you require a check in at a certain time, key words or phrases used, or daily/nightly activities ?

How are these used in the power exchange? do they work? are they fun? do they grow tedious over time?

Come out to discuss this and other ideas wrapped around this and other methods of control in BDSM

CLAW meets at the LRA – 6525 N. Clark St at 8 p.m.

No fee – but a small donation to defray the soda or coffee we drink is always welcome!

You do NOT have to be a member of the LRA to attend – you will be a guest of a member and signed in accordingly

All those living their lives as women are welcome to attend!

Chicago Leather Alliance of Women