CLAW JULY MEETING!!! July 26 -Cigar Play

CHICAGO – CLAW will take it out side and discuss and demo Cigar Play! What is it about the burning and ashing end of a cigar – if you are not into playing with the cigar – how can you offer cigar service – if you have always wondered about cigars – how do you limit some of the risks associated with all things burning?

Join us for a non smoking discussion portion – INSIDE – followed by an outside session with burning cigars

Bring cigars if you have them – there will be some to practice on – NO SWISHER SWEETS!!!

Anyone that has done Cigarette play is also welcome to demo

Even if you don’t smoke – we will have a discussion to start on the emotions, desire, fear of playing with a lit cigar or cigarette – followed outside – with a demo.

Lady MJ
Chicago Leather Alliance of Women