CLAW 2017: What Should I Do?

CLEVELAND — CLAW is Cleveland Leather Annual Weekend and is one of the biggest leather events in the country. Going to events like this can be daunting to begin with, but if it’s your first time, it makes it even more difficult to try to figure out what’s going on, when, and where. We are going to a look at CLAW through various eyes in this article. Whether you’re a puppy, into leather or rubber, a boot black or like certain types of play, there are events or classes available to you.

CLAW 2017 has many new types of classes this year and some exciting new events. On top of this there are the standard events that CLAW is well known for like Speed Dating and Strip Bingo. The FLEXXX VIP Parties held annually on Friday and Saturday are some of the largest attended gatherings of the whole weekend. There’s also the daily BDSM Play Parties at the Academy (afternoons and nightly throughout the weekend). Want to attend a pool party, there’s the Naked Bear Pool Party on Friday or the OINK! Naked Pool Part on Saturday at the Flex Warehouse. This year there is also the’s Match & Mingle Speed dating and room play parties on both Friday and Saturday nights (party only – Thursday night).

There are many bar events around the area of the hotels:


Dick Off Party! – Leather Stallion
Men at Work, CLAW Volunteer Party – Mean Bull

• Friday
Report for Duty Uniform Party – Leather Stallion
Kinky Muscle Boy Party – Mean Bull

• Saturday
Leather Cookout – Leather Stallion (Afternoon)
Extreme Kaos Black Party – House of Blues
Hot Ass in Cleveland Party – Leather Stallion
Super Heroes and Super Villains Gear and Grind Party – Mean Bull

• Sunday
Sunday at the Stallion – Leather Stallion

Claw hosts nightly events as well

• Thursday
CLAW Rocks the Hall – Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

• Friday
Parade of Colors – Westin
Claw Virgin Party – Westin
VendorMart Strip Bingo – Westin
• Saturday
Title Holders Cocktail Party – Westin
International Family Dinner – Westin
Climax! Saturday Silent Auction Closing Bids – Westin

• Sunday
The Last Supper: CLAW Give Back Night – Westin
Kinky Cabaret: Broadway: Bound & Gagged – Westin
Last Call Retro Dance Party – Westin

Then there’s the vendor mart filled with vendors from all over the country including standards like Mr. S Leather, LeatherWerks, Stompers Boots, Northbound Leather, and many more. Then there’s some specialized vendors like Kilted Bros, Burly Shirts, Bear Care, Crochet Empire, and more. There’s something for everyone located in the Vendor mart: Pup gear, Leather, Jockstraps, T-shirts, Cigars, Steampunk gear, floggers and whips and tons of other things.

Did you know you could rent equipment over the weekend as well? This includes slings and rim seats. You can also have the sling set up for an additional cost. Or you can visit the non-profit alley and learn about some of the many non profit organizations that CLAW supports. You can also bid on many silent auction items that will be setup on the 6th floor of the Westin on Friday and Saturday nights.

So, what are you into? Pup Play, Cigars, Bootblacking, Pain/Impact Play, Sensation Play, Rubber. I bet there’s something available for you to attend, whether it’s a class or a party. Listed below are the various events broken down by types, this is not even a full list of what’s available, on the website there are more events (italicized below) and classes listed.

Pup Play:
Friday: Mosh Pit Safety, Pups and Handlers Lunch (event), Under the Hood: Mental Health Safety Behind the Kink, Speed Dating for Handlers and Pups, and the Pup Play Pen (Event)
Saturday: In Room Pup & Boy Coffee Service, Trainer 101, Puppy Perspectives: Some Understandings of Puppy Mental Health, The Human Puppy & Pet Community: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow, Human Pup Play Skills, and Leashed: A Handler Get Together (Event)

Friday: Lace Em Up, Bootblack Basics, Bootblack Summit (Event)
Saturday: Bootblacking and Leather Care, Unofficial IBB Contest Panel (Event)
All Weekend: The all new Bootblack Apprentice Program, where you can sign up to work side by side with 2 different bootblacks over the weekend.

Cigar Play:
Friday: Cigar Service and Play, Cigar Play 101, and the Boots and Cigar Party (Event)
Saturday: Cigar Play 201, and the Hot Ash Party (Event) 
All Weekend: The Westin 5th Floor, Boots & Cigar Deck

Friday: Rubber: Everything You Wanted to Know But Were Afraid to Ask, Rubber 201, and the Rubber Lovers Social (Event)

Fisting/Anal Play:
Friday: The Lowdown on Brown, Fisting Fun & Friends
Saturday: Better Fisting: 20 Questions and Answers, Let the Fisitivites Begin, We Like Clean Butts and We Cannot Lie, and the Piglets Brown Hanky Social (Event)

Pain/Impact/Specialty Play:
Friday: Art of Caning, Beyond the Whips and Chains: Emergency Care for the Dungeon, Flogging 101.5, Whips in Scene, Spanking (Or, How I Learned To Love Daddy’s Belt), Bastinado: the Other Foot Fetish, Caning, Flogging 101, Erotic Boxing: High Impact, CBT: Sensual to Painful Pleasure
Saturday: Flavors of WHAP: A Spanking Smorgasbord, Spanking Extreme, Flogging 201, Light Single Tail Whipping, Rough Body Play Made Simple, Caning and Birching

Rope Play/Bondage:
Friday: One Knot, Endless Possibilities, Cause and Effect Bondage, Rope 10: With Tension and Friction
Saturday: Bondage with Baggage, Rope Bondage Aesthetics, Bondage Buffet

Sensation Play/Fire/Electro:
Friday: Playing with Fire, Wax Torture, Electro Play
Saturday: Nips, Pits, and Touch: Oh My!, Dollar Store Kink: Sensation Play on the Cheap, Taking the Shock out of Electro Play, Fire Play, Tactile Knife Play

Other unique classes taking place are on Chastity, Boys, Vac Cube and Vac Rack, Contest Info, BDSM, Transman, PrEP, Perpetual Indulgence, Food Play, and SuicideTALK . All this info can be found on You can download the app YAPP available on android and iphone, with this you can find classes and events and add them to a schedule in the app, that helps remind you of what classes and events you want to go to. It’s a great resource for the event.

So you see, there’s always something going on for everyone, while there you can pick up gear, get your boots and leather cleaned or shined, learn about a new kink, meet new people, find your friends, win some auction items, go on a speed date, dance with a mixed crowd, play with others, and just have a great time all around.