CLAW 2017 Through the Eyes of a Puppy

CLAW 2017 took place Thurday, April 27 to Sunday, April 30 in Cleveland, OH.

Pictures supplied by Fetish Photography by Alpha Bayard.

Thursday Night was the unofficial start to CLAW 2017, with a welcome party located at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, followed by several parties at local bars. Here we have pics from the Leather Stallion.

[flagallery gid=94 name=’CLAW 2017 – Thursday Night’]

Here are some various pics from Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

[flagallery gid=93 name=’Claw 2017 – General Pics’]

Greg Slade of Slade’s Barber Shop in Chicago, IL is known as the Bondage Barber. It is a unique experience in which you are chained to a chair and your hair is shorn off and sculpted into one of Slade’s amazing looks!

[flagallery gid=99 name=’CLAW 2017 – Bondage Barber’]

These are just a few of the Bootblacks from the weekend. Some are at the Leather Stallion on Thursday night and the others are from one of the first ever Bootblack Apprenticeship programs at CLAW.

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We had a few small invasions of Furries at CLAW this year… Oh what could have happened had the two groups interacted?

[flagallery gid=97 name=’CLAW 2017 – Furry Invasion’]

Puppies! Puppies!! Puppies!!! Everywhere puppies!!!! It’s time for the mosh, romping, wrestling, and just general fun!! Did someone say SQUIRREL???

[flagallery gid=95 name=’CLAW 2017 – Mosh’]

If you’ve never had a dozen pups and boys pile onto your bed while delivering coffee to you, then you haven’t lived yet. These pics are from the Hampton on Saturday and Sunday! Make sure that you sign up for this service next year!

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