Classes at DARK Weekend

DETROIT – LIFE Detroit is very pleased to announce the following five classes will be presented at DARK Weekend. The classes will all be on Saturday, October 6th. Times for the classes will be announced shortly.

Master Alex
Master Alex is from Jackson, MI. He and his household were the head of MaST (Masters and Slaves Together) International for 7 years among other distinguished contributions to the Leather and BDSM World.

We are honored that he will be presenting a class on “Rituals within the Lifestyle”. This class will cover ways to ritualize your relationship and cover ways to find your way back to those things that may have gotten lost along the way.

Master Sar
Master Sar has been a distinguished member of the Michigan Leather and BDSM community for two decades. He was the founder of Immediate Family, an invaluable resource to those abused within the lifestyle and is President Emeritus of GRALE.

LIFE Detroit is thrilled that Master Sar will be teaching a brand new class on “Making a Bullwhip in an hour for less than $30. NOTE: To actually make a bullwhip, a fee of $30 will be required in advance to cover material costs. Please Email for details.

Sir Travis
Sir Travis is from the Grand Rapids area and the current Vice-President of GRALE. He also recently successful co-organized and ran the very successful SINergy event.

If you are into rough play, you won’t want to miss Sir Travis’ class on “Rough Body Play”. This class is not for the faint of heart and promises to be very physical and informative.

Henry is a bisexual switch and a current board member of the SE Michigan area “Board of Education” Anyone who has ever seen Henry in action knows the enthusiasm and passion he brings to all kinds of play.

Henry, his wife, and his boyfriend are all HIV+. This has in no way deterred him from enjoying all that the lifestyle can be him, and them all. Join us in what promises to be an uplifting and educational class, “Living Positively”.

Riley is a current Director of LRA Chicago and the Coordinator of the Great Lakes Bootblacking Contest. He is a self described “top on a path of Mastery with well-developed Daddy tendencies.”

Bringing his skills and perspective to us from Chicago, Riley will be presenting a class on “Bootblacking” This is an area that has become extremely popular here in Michigan and he has few true peers in the boot black community. This is an amazing chance to learn from one of the best!

You don’t want to miss these classes, or any of DARK Weekend! More details to come:

Tomorrow: Two VERY SPECIAL Announcements.

Wednesday: The list presenters for the Friday night Bottom’s Buffet.

Thursday: The list of vendors for the weekend.

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