CIPEX April Munch, April 4

DES MOINES – CIPEX is proud to bring the world renowned Lady Elsa to the April Munch. Lady Elsa is a femme leatherdyke with a passion for kink education. She is proud to have served as half of the very first International Power Exchange couple in 2012, and has travelled all over the country talking and teaching about non-traditional power exchange and BDSM spirituality. Her current BDSM community crusade is “training the trainers,” teaching kinky subject experts to be more effective presenters in their local and regional communities. She is the leader and co-founder of Andromeda, a BDSM social and educational group for kinky women, and has held many leadership positions in NLA Indianapolis. Favorite things include clothespin play, butches in business attire, and endorphins.

Lady Elsa is going to present:

When Straight Met Queer
Creating a Truly All-Inclusive BDSM Community

Whether you came to BDSM from mainstream straight culture or the LGBTQ community, you probably never dreamed when you started out that you would get so “up close and personal” with people so unlike yourself. But here we all are, with our own baggage and expectations, coexisting in pansexual space. Let’s talk about some of the funny, surprising, embarrassing, and rewarding experiences we’ve had in getting to know our brothers and sisters of different orientations, and how we can continue to make the pansexual community as welcoming as possible for people of all orientations and genders.

Lady Elsa will also, on Sunday April 5th, be presenting an Intensive: (7 hours, including 1 hour lunch break)

Developing and Presenting Effective Workshops
for the Kink Community

Education is one of the most valuable and fun ways to give back to the kink community, and almost everyone has something they can share, from the local to the national level. In this full-day intensive, you’ll learn the basics of developing effective kink-related workshops and classes for large and small audiences and delivering them with confidence.
Students will have the opportunity to develop and receive peer critique on several presentation ideas, and to practice teaching and public speaking techniques in a supportive, constructive environment. In order to participate in this intensive you must register by sending an email to Richard at
There is a cost of $20.00 per person for this intensive in order to cover the cost of supplies and the venue that we will be announcing soon. This intensive is limited to 20 people. For more information go to the Event Link.

Of course CIPEX will have some wonderful raffle prizes at the Munch and can you imagine that we are going to be talking about Mischief in May? If you did then you imagined correctly because Mischief will be just 6 weeks away.

So check off that you are going, you know that you don’t want to miss this. And are you wanting to improve your presenter skills. Send Richard an email to inquire about any further details and to sign up for this spectacular opportunity.

Fetlife Event Page:

Date & Time: Saturday, April 04, 2015 · 1:01 PM – 3:33 PM  
Lotus Moments

2134 East Grand Avenue Des Moines‎ IA‎ 50317   @ map

Cost: FREE
Dress code: casual