Chicagoland Masters And slaves Together chapters meet in February

The Masters And slaves Together (MAsT) chapters in the Chicagoland region have both announced their upcoming February topics. MAsT groups are a great way for kinky folks already in Master/slave relationships, curious about Master/slave relationships, or currently in/curious about Power Exchange relationships to get support, learn new things and share their experiences and knowledge.

The MAsT: Greater Chicago chapter is meeting on Sunday, February 2nd at 3pm.

TOPIC FROM JANUARY – Since we canceled Jan’s meeting due to weather, we’ll move it to Feb.

What are protocols and rituals? How do they fit into a Master/slave or Power Exchange relationship? This topic had a great deal of interest, so we’ll be exploring protocols and rituals.

We promise to get done in time so you can go watch the Super Bowl! It starts at 6:25pm.

You can get more information from the MAsT: Greater Chicago event pages on Facebook (here) or Fetlife (here).

The MAsT: Buffalo Grove chapter has scheduled their next meeting for Sunday, February 9th at 7pm.

LifeLessOrdinary and Lava_Cat will discuss various topics during the meeting, including their story of how they went from friends, to T/B, to D/s, and finally to M/s, all over the course of 15 years! Other topics will also be discussed, such as Lava_Cat’s mini topic on being her Master’s furniture.

MAsT: Buffalo Grove has an event page set up on Fetlife (here) with the details.

See you there!