Chicago Rubbermen news for June

CHICAGO — We are pleased to join the Touche pride float again this year, and we are calling all volunteers! We need marchers, assistants to help with setup and tear-down, and supporters all along the way! Email us if you are interested in participating, and we will give you the details on where to meet. Here is a Facebook event listing for the Touche event; let’s bring a big rubber contingent this year!

Rubbermen July 1 Event Coming!

Hey Shiny People! Our July event “Rubber Recruit” will be held at the Cell Block on July 1 and we need your help! It’s about bringing more people over to the dark and shiny side. Full Kit Gear is planning to host a pop-up shop that evening and we’d like to encourage as many newbies to join as we can. Here’s where you come in!

1) If you have gear that you don’t wear and want to donate to the Rubber Rental Closet, let us know. Keep it basic and easy to get in and out of so rubber/latex jocks, shorts, and shirts with front zips are ideal.

2) We need a few people to work the rubber rental booth. Ideally we are looking for a few good people experienced in helping newbies feel comfortable trying on new gear, and helping them in and out of rubber gear, shining them up. There will be some minor paperwork involved and “clothes check” tracking as well.

If you are interested in any part of this email us for more details!

Chicago Rubbermen