Chicago Rubbermen February News

Chicago Rubbermen

February Bar NightOur next bar night is coming up! Join us on Saturday, February 25 at the Jackhammer (click me for a map if you’re into that sort of thing). And you’re in luck: the party is on the same night as Jackhammer’s Pigs At The Troff party, so get ready for a pigfest. Cover is $10 – be prepared for some hot sweaty fun!

Mr. New England Rubber
Are you headed to Mr. New England Rubber? Check out for details about the weekend and get to know some of the hottest kinksters on the East Coast! The two-day event begins on Friday, March 30 in Boston. They’ve also got an event page on their Facebook group page.

New Chicago Rubbermen Photos
Check out our photos from the January 2012 bar night up now on our photos page! If you have photos from past events, send them to us. We are happy to put them on our site if you have permission to share them with us.