Chicago Rope June Event: Got Gote? June 11

CHICAGO — In preparation for the events with Osada Steve and Barkas next month, Chicago Rope is running a special class. We’ll be combining our Rope 103 Class and our Featured track into one big, in-depth class on single-rope gotes.

The single rope gote is an important pattern in both Yukimura Ryu and Osada Ryu. Thinking through how to tie versions of the pattern will help put everyone who is going to attend be in the best position possible to work with our guests next month!

Beyond the Gote Pattern: Making Each Moment Count​​

with Apikoros

All too often getting tied in a gote feels like waiting for the bus. Learn the details and little tricks that will make every single moment count. We’ll discuss breaking seiza, manipulating the body to maximize exposure and vulnerability, turning frictions into opportunities for connection, and varying tempo and distance to create rhythms with a wide variety of effects. The patterns for this class will be relatively simple, so that we can focus on the details that will provoke intense reactions in your partner, rather than getting bogged down in technicalities.

In this class, we’ll apply everything people who have been taking the 100-series have learned thus far to tie a one of the most iconic ties in Japanese rope bondage. For the rest of us, this class will serve as a refresher for more advanced students who want to learn tips and tricks to get the most out of this tie.

Chicago Rope Social Hour

4-5pm @ GD2

Come early to Chicago Rope to catch up with friends, meet other people interested in rope, find a partner if you need one, and get settled into a floor space. Snacks and non-alcoholic beverages will be provided. Classes will start promptly at 5pm.

For more details, go to The Illinois Eagle.