Chicago Rope January: TK Lab

CHICAGO — This month, Chicago Rope goes back to basics with an entire event devoted to helping you improve your TK (aka gote or box tie). This is a great opportunity to sharpen your skills in preparation for the FredRx and Osada Steve intensives we are hosting this year.

For brand new beginners, we’ll be kicking off another iteration of our Fundamentals of Japanese Rope Bondage series. If you’ve been wanting to learn rope, this is your chance to join a three-class progression that will get you started with the basics that you need to know to move on to more advanced ties.

If you just finished Rope 103 in December, you can start working on the two rope gote. If you are already tying that well, you can learn how to add a third rope. And we might even spend some time talking about attaching uplines to TKs for those who are ready for it.

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